Just Live Your Life!

I want you to just live!

I don’t want you to drop your dream,
You must continue chasing your own dream.
Yet dream can be grown,
to accommodate more!

I don’t want you to leave your choice,
You may stick to your own choice,
Yet having a set of choices,
which will lead to your choice is a better choice!

I don’t want you to change your way,
You can adhere to your own way.
Yet trying different way for once,
will makes you feel the world, a different!

I don’t want you to vary your views,
You can cling to your own views.
Yet to have a globular view,
Every aspects must be viewed!

I don’t want you to alter your rules,
You may follow your own rules.
Yet changing set rules for better,
is a rule followed everywhere!

I don’t want you to live alone,
You may spend some time alone-aloof,
Yet living for many,
makes your living worthwhile!

I don’t want you to spend time awaiting,
You may wait for a while,
Yet time stops for no one,
keep this in mind.

I don’t want you to suppress your pain,
You may conceal the pain.
Yet sharing the pain,
gives the power to overcome the pain!

I don’t want you to memories of sadness,
You can memories what you want.
Yet sweet memories of past,
gives you reason to smile!

I don’t want you to have life far away,
You may live over there,
Yet a bit of life, just present life
A happy life over here!

I want you to live your life,
just the way you want.
A better life, forever,
Don’t wait for life, just live life!


A Silent Prayer!

I Am Standing Still, No Words, No Emotions,

The Rising Sun, All Energy, All Light.

I Am Breathing In, Fresh Air, Fresh Fragrance,

The Running Wind, A Bit Cool, A Bit Soft.

I Am Silent, Thoughtless, Speechless,

The Moving Earth, Hurriedly, Continuously.

I Am Peace, No Space, No Sense,

The Huge Tree, Growing, Standing.

I Am Quite, No Noise, No Voice,

The Flying Bird, Singing, Chirping.

We all are part of dynamic system and yet we claim that we want peace. Wise way is to be being harmonious with this continuously moving system, in sync with system and one will experience peace!

The ‘Whole Peace’ is a continuous activity. How this will be true that One have to do something – an activity or set of activity, to be an activity-less?

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The Real Responsibility..


“Only mediocre people care about the respect of the society. The real person cares about only one thing: Whether I am living my life or not, whether I am living it according to my own vision or not, it is my life, and I am responsible to myself.

The real responsibility is to yourself. And it is that you have to live your life according to your own light and you have to move wherever life leads, without any compromise.”

The Zen Master
The Book of Wisdom, # 13

You and Your Heart!

You are what You are!


Once I say the words, you wish to hear,

There will be happiness, momentarily!

And Once you follow, what your heart says,

The happiness will be, long lasting!

Do not follow the way, others wants and makes you follow,

Define your own way and follow as you want!

See the flaws, I am having, accept them,

Also see the flaws, You are having, and then improve!

Go beyond the ego and pride, and find the facts,

Find out who you really are, and what you born for?

Know the frequency of mine and of yours,

Know whether it resonates or not?

Feel the pain there, when I am crying here,

Feel the passion there, when I missing you here!

Stir your soul and search your heart,

Listen to your inner voice and follow your heart!

Swinging decisions shows lack of confidence,

Studying self can improve confidence!

The union of ours, not be relative union,

Let the union be absolute union!

A key to happiness is to follow your heart,

Take your time and talk to your heart!

Close your eyes and watch your breath,

Listen to your heart for whom it beats!

Have a great and happy decision of life,

From you and your heart!

Only One’s heart can understand Other One’s heart!

One is waiting wholeheartedly!

Original work can be found Here!

Each moment of Life..


“Live, and allow all that is possible. Sing, dance, cry, weep, laugh, love, meditate, relate, be alone. Be in the marketplace, and sometimes be in the mountains.

Life is short. Live it as richly as possible, and don’t try to be consistent.

A real man is characterless, or beyond character. A real man cannot afford character, because character can be afforded only at the cost of life. If you renounce life, you can have character. If you don’t renounce life, you will have many characters, but you will not have character. If you don’t renounce life, how can you have a character? Each moment life is new, and so are you.”

The Zen Master

The Book of Wisdom, # 13