This Life Is Real…

This Life Is Real…

And This Life Is Real,
Sky Full Of Shooting Star,
Making You Wish For,
What You Are Dreaming For.

And This Life Is Real,
The Warm Day Light,
The Dark Night,
To See Around And Far Stars.

And This Life Is Real,
The Bright Moon,
Reflecting Light,
Part Sun-shine, Part Earth-shine.

And This Life Is Real,
Walking Along-with,
Glorifying The Creation,
Spreading Wisdom Of Worlds.

And This Life Is Real,
Since We Are Here,
Witnessing Truth,
Living With – N – For Love.

And This Life Is Real,
Blessed With Your Love,
Caring – N – Supportive,
More Than Heaven.

And Where Are You Now?
Living This Real Life? – N – How?

The challenge of writing

The best description of what it’s like to write

The challenge of writing
Is to see your horribleness on page.
To see your terribleness
And then to go to bed.

And wake up the next day,
And take that horribleness and that terribleness,
And refine it,
And make it not so terrible and not so horrible.
And then to go to bed again.

And come the next day,
And refine it a little bit more,
And make it not so bad.
And then to go to bed the next day.

And do it again,
And make it maybe average.
And then one more time,
If you’re lucky,
Maybe you get to good.

And if you’ve done that,
That’s a success.

“writing is failure”: “Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates, 2015 MacArthur Fellow,” MacArthur Foundation video, posted September 28, 2015,

Conclusive Poem for ‘Grit’ By Angela Duckworth

I am for…

To Rule Over Your Independent Kingdom, I Am Not Yearning For;
To Change Over Your Free Will Living, I Am Not Longing For;

You Continue Your Journey, I Am Only Expecting For;
By Your Side – Along Your Way, I Am Only Dreaming For;

Always Be Happy, I Am Only Wishing For;
Pursue Your Aim, I Am Only Pleading For;

No Matter What, I Am Always Waiting For;
Cause No Reason Why, I Am Always Loving For.

The Way That Leads

It’s Not Only Passion, But Also Perseverance Leads To Progress.
It’s Not Only Starting On, But Also Continuing With Leads To Achievements.
It’s Not Only Talent But Also Adaptive Intelligence Leads To Objectives.
It’s Not Only Growing Mindset But Also A Fixed Mindset Leads To Be A Winner.
It's Not Only Hope But Also Asking for Helping Hand Leads To Be Happy.
It’s Not Only Falling In Love, But Also Staying In Love Leads To Love Filled Life.
It’s Not Only You But Also Me Leads To Togetherness.