Love And Kinds Of Love

“Love is of three varieties:

Unselfish (Samartha), Mutual (Samanjasa) and Ordinary or Selfish (Sadharana).

Unselfish love is of the highest kind. The lover here seeks only the welfare of the beloved, and does not care whether he suffers pains and hardships thereby.

The second kind of love is mutual love in which the lover desires not only the happiness of his beloved, but has an eye to his own happiness also.

Selfish love is the lowest. It makes a man only care for his own happiness without having any regard for the weal or woe of the beloved.”

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (18 February 1836 – 16 August 1886)

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Struck By The Rain

It’s Raining And Everyone Waiting,
No One Moving And All Are Praying,
Calling And Asking,
Helping And Serving.
Trying To Reach Destination,
Or Dropping In Alternate Location.

Stalled And Watching,
Still And Hoping,
Silent And Searching,
Standing And Soaking.
Thinking About Loved One,
Expecting Them Safe At Home.

Though On Same Way,
Reaching Seems Far Away,
Thirsty And Hungry,
Damp And Dark.
Down There Lonely,
Looking For Way Out.

Caring And Securing,
Saving And Defending
Shielding And Protecting,
Smiling And Crying.
One Need One, To Lead By Hand,
Make One Face, Any Falls Of Life.


Wish You Were Near Here,
Yet Thanks You Are Safe Far There.

This How One Felts, When Struck By Rain.


Beautiful Living

Beautiful Living – Living For One N Everyone!


Make The Living Beautiful, O Loved One,
For Oneself And For Everyone.

Travel The Places Around The World,
To Find The Beauty Everywhere.

The Colorful Scenic World,
High Hills N Oceans Deep.

And When You See A Beautiful Place,
See It With Your Open Heart,

Understand And Learn From Each Place,
To Spread And To Make Every Place,
More Livable, More Life.

Make The Living Beautiful, O Loved One,
For Oneself And For Everyone.

Meet The People Around The Globe,
To See The Beautiful Soul Of Each One.

Many With Age N Religions,
And Many Languages N Traditions,

And When You Talk To A Beautiful Soul,
Talk With Your Open Mind,

Laugh A Lot At Smiling Faces Around,
To Offer And To Serve Each One,
More Ease, More Life.

Make The Living Beautiful, O Loved One,
For Oneself And For Everyone.


Celebrate Life O Loved One,
Though You Are Far Somewhere,
Yet I Can Feel You Over Here.

Hope You Are Doing The Same Dear,
Wherever You Are Going And Living There,
Though I Don’t Know, Yet I Am Sure.

The Union With Oneself

The Union With Oneself


I Do Not Have To Find Life For Me,
I Always Have My Life With Me.
I Just Have To Accept It,
And Make Life More Livable,
For Me N Many Others.
Making Many Others To Live With Everyone.

I Do Not Have To Find Peace For Me,

I Am Always Peaceful By Nature.
I Have To Behave Peacefully,
Making Peace Around,
For Me N Many Others.
Making Many Others To Find Peace Inward.

I Do Not Have To Find Joy For Me,
I Am A Fountain Of Joy.
I Have To Spread Joyousness,
Making Livelihood Joyful,
For Me N Many Others.
Making Many Others To Be Joyous Forever.

I Do Not Have To Search For Love.
I Am Full Of Love.
I Just Have To Start Loving,
Making Love Grow Further,
For Me N Many Others.
Making Many Others To Love Each Other.

I Do Not Have To Look For One,
I Am One For One.
I Just Have To Evolve For One,
Making Myself Ready For One,
For One And Only One.
Making One To Prosper With One.

We Do Not Have To Look For Something,
Something Is Already With Us.
Realization Makes A Life Ahead – A Better One.


Present Video of Past Heroes

On a present video of past heroes

What I learned from a video

People born at particular time, faced issues of that time. They fought, overcame the problems and became a hero afterwards. We are born at this time and are facing issues of present time. We need to overcome these problems and carry on. Perhaps we will be hero for next generations. Respecting heroes from past is a great virtue, and becoming a hero is great human. An act of humanity will make us an hero.

Understanding past fights will make us more intelligent to overcome current issues and uniting like them will make it easier. Being in harmony is the solution not the blaming for.

Hope you will like this.

The Missing Link – Introduction

The Missing Link

Chapter 1 Introduction

One always dream about real things like marrying a particular girl, getting a particular career etc. Thus, One and One’s dreams are present entities. The missing thing is a link joining them. The link – the bridge – the path connecting them. If One consider them as two distinct point separated from each other, then there can be drawn ‘n’ number of [curved] lines connecting them. Though the shortest line is the straight line, there can be many lines with different length and curvature.

One knows One’s dream, and keep on finding the connecting link. One either follow the shortest n straight link or lengthy n curved link. The time taken to reach varies according to the length of link. One have to take the shortest link to reach One’s dream in shortest time.

Here an attempt is made to find the shortest links. These piece of writings will guide One to find the connecting link – perhaps the shortest, so as to help One reach One’s dream in least time.

If One knows One’s love, find out the links connecting each other, choose the shortest n straight link not the lengthy n curved link. Connect with One and live happily with dream fulfilled.

Best Wishes.