Crazy N Creative..

We Must Live, Accepting Our Calling; Courageous – Being Crazy, Colourful – Being Creative.

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The Bridge

I Took The Bridge, Many Not Known About; I Followed The Bridge, From Human To Divine.
The Bridge, Crossover, Love, Life,

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An Earth

We can build structures for human society never seen before, thoughts never thought before, music never heard before.

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When Someone…

When Someone Is Loving To Love One, One Feels Like Love Is First And Last – Above All.
When Someone…
Feels About #One,
One Feels About #Someone Too!
#Prose, #Poem, #Love, #Life

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Seasons And One

After All, Love Is The Season, Always Going On, Many Times One Is Loving, Many Times One Is Best. After All, Love Is The Season, Brings One All Good, Many Times One Is Better, Many Times One Is Above All. Feel The Season Of Love – With Love!

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