The Bridge

Many Whites

The Bridge One Crossovers

I Left My Memories Behind,
Cause Those Make Me Halted;
I Stop Dreaming About,
Cause Those Make Me Running Behind.

I Started Walking Alone,
Cause Company Makes Me Confused;
I Launch My Mission Alone,
Cause Many Makes Me Dragged Down.

I Stopped Hoping For,
Cause Unexpected Can Be Enjoyed More;
I Desisted Persuading Around,
Cause Right Here Can Be Lived Greater.

I Took The Bridge,
Many Not Known About;
I Followed The Bridge,
From Human To Divine.

It’s Within Everyone’s Reach,
Yet No One Is Looking For;
It’s Easy To Crossover,
Yet No One Is Trying For.

And What Is Flowing Under?
Old One That Needs To Be Forgotten;
And Why To Crossover?
To Discover One’s New Splendor.

Only When One Finds Love,
One Finds The Bridge Too;
Only When One Starts Loving,
One Starts Crossing The Bridge Too.

Start Loving,
Start Crossing The Bridge.
For The One Life One Wish,
For The One Love One Is.


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