For You.. Always!

The Red Rose

Thanks A Lot;
For You Always Bring, My Soul To Peace.

Thanks A Lot;

For Making Me Write, That I Am Posting – The Inspiration I Am Looking For,
For Making Me One, That I Am Now – The Identity I Am Craving For.

For You.. Always Make My Heart Happy – The Joy I Am Missing For,
For You.. Always Make My Soul Still – The Peace I Am Expecting For.

For Making Me Shed – Tears Of Bliss – The Sensibility I Am Needing For,
For Making Me Live – Life Of Love – The Living, I Am Dreaming For.

For Your Words – Source Of Motivation, Even You Say Them From Far,
For Your Wishes – Source Of Energy, Even You Ship Them From Far-Off.

For Your Dreams – Guiding Force, Even You Share From Farthest,
For Your Love – Driving Power, Even You Send From Furthest.

I Always Wish To Thank You, Do You Wish The Same?


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