Co-Creation By Co-Creators

The Twin Flowers!

Be A Co-Creator
Nature follows many laws. Being part of nature, human beings follow these laws too. The most important law of nature is to continue creation by creating new.
Nature continues to create by using the principal of mating in which to different (based on gender) beings create a new living being. Thus one can not create by oneself, yet one can be a partner in co-creation.
Creation is necessary to continue life, and creation is possible only by being co-creator. Both partners are important, though they have a unique and specific role in creation.
Respect the co-creator; else one cannot be creative, ending the process of creation, leading to the extinction of beings. Respect means allowing co-creator to grow at full potential and giving every opportunity to prove the abilities and expertise. Thus there will be harmony and growth between creators – living beings.
Love the creation,
Love for being the reason for the creation,
Love being co-creative,
Love being harmonious, Love the life.
Respect all the creation and all co-creators for their efforts to create and to continue.
Love the one co-creator.


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