How language shapes the way we think

Lera Boroditsky: How language shapes the way we think
The way One thinks, depends on the construction of statements, which is unique to the language, One is using, among 7000 languages used worldwide.

Know more about languages and the way human think about.


3 thoughts on “How language shapes the way we think

  1. language does shape the way we think, in fact every tool (i believe) shapes the way we solve problems. “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”
    that said, since the time of marx i believe people have exaggerated the impact of language on thought– most dramatically in 1984, with newspeak, and i dont think the hypothesis is entirely without merit, either.
    but in 1984, newspeak is intended as a yoke, a full restraint by denying people access to thoughts they allegedly cant have– as theyre not in the dictionary. thats never how language actually works in real life. we had (and have) thoughts long before we have words for them. the words help us express and refine those ideas.
    when the word isnt there– we create it. somehow, this simple fact is left out of nearly every discussion on the limits of thought from limits of language. where i agree however, is that some languages are so much more equipped– but only when you learn to use them.
    when all you have is a solar-powered international space station star-trek-like matter replicator, everything looks like a vast array of neatly arranged molecular structures. language is powerful, but so are we because we actually create it.


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