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Perfect Stranger

Just Like

You Are A Perfect Stranger To Trust For!

I Know Nothing Much – Only Your Name,
I Have No Memories – Only Picture Of You.

I Don’t Know Your Heart – Only Few Of Your Thoughts,
I Don’t Know Your Soul – Only Little About Your Concerns.

I Believe In Your Words – Though You Express Them Merely,
I Believe In Your Actions – Though You Perform Them Rarely.

I Don’t Know Your Wellness – Only Your Smiling Face,
I Don’t Know Your Place – Only Your Last Trace.

I Don’t Know Your Dream – Though Your Devotion,
I Don’t Know Your Expectations – Though Your Hopes.

I Don’t Know Your View – Only What You Dare For,
I Don’t Know Your Feelings – Only What You Care For.

I Don’t Know Your Prospect – Though Your Dedication,
I Don’t Know Your Beliefs – Though Your Determinations.

I Don’t Know What You Want – May Be What You Like,
I Don’t Know What Makes You Happy – May Be You Are Happy Always.

Whenever I Think Of You – I Feel I Know So Much About You,
I Simply Have To Trust You – Believe In You That You Are Trustworthy Too.

You Are Well Known Stranger – Who Need Not To Be Explored More,
For Trusting Is Better Than Loving – Only To Be Trusted More.

Whenever You Are Here – My Love Is Growing For You,
Whenever You Are Not Here – My Trust Is Growing For You.

Trust One’s Presence There And Love One’s Being Here.


Trust N Enjoy!

The White!

Moon Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Sees Moon Waning And Waxing, One Trusts Moon’s Presence And Enjoys Moon’s Appearance.

Sun Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Sees Sun Rising And Setting,
One Trusts Sun’s Presence And Enjoys Sun’s Appearance.

Love Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Sees Love Appearing And Receding,
One Trust’s Love’s Presence And Enjoys Love’s Appearance.

Life Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Lives Crying And Smiling,
One Trusts Life And Enjoys Life.

To Enjoy Life, Trust Life,
To Enjoy One, Trust One.

Are You Trusting And Enjoying?
If Not, Start Trusting,
And You Will Be Enjoying Too.

Joy Of Heaven

The Red!
Blue Clear Sky And Sun Is Rising,
Maple’s Garden And Golden Rays Are Shining.

Extending Long Shadows And Cool Breeze Flowing,
Walking In The Morning While Birds Are Singing.

Feeling Up On The Cloud Here In This Moment,
Drawing On The Canvas Beauty Of This Present.

Exciting Day Starts As Seeing Blossoming Nature,
Raising Up The Soul With Joy Of Heaven.

Do You Experience The Same While Taking Morning Walk?

This Is Life!

White N Wonderful!

Appearance Of Loved One Will Guide Life To A New Path,
Taking This New Path Along Loved One Is A Journey To Wonderland.

Having A Loved One In Life Is A Greatest Gift To The Life,
Living Life With A Loved One Is A Greatest Achievement Of The Life.

Walking With Loved One Holding Hand Is Like Walking In A Heaven,
Sharing Time With Loved One Is Like Precious Moments For Life.

Watching Loved One Smiling Is The Richest Treasure Of Life,
Listening Loved One Humming Is The Sweetest Melody Of Life.

Everything Gets Revealed As Love Is Flourishing On,
This Is Life, Only Possible When Loved One Is There In Life!

Love Is Like..

Light N White!

Love Is Like Rising Sun,
Gentle Rays Of Golden Light.

Love Is Like Tender Moon,
Midst Dark Night Glowing Clear.

Love Is Like Guiding Star,
Presenting Pathway Progressing Life.

Love Is Like Novel Affection,
Pursuing Dreams Breathing Alive.

Love Is Like Regimented Living,
Applying Furtherance Employing High.

Love Is Like Ascertained One,
Honoring One Wining Joy. 


Love Is Loving You.

Struck By The Loss, On The Same Everyday Route!

Sky, Greens, White Flower!


Tomorrow, I Will Take The Same Route, I Have Taken Today, And Have Been Taking Everyday.
Yet Today, Though I Am Safe, Something Worst Have Happened On The Same Route I Take Everyday.

Few Of Them, Who Take The Same Route Everyday As I Am,
Are Now No More To Take The Same Route Everyday.

Though I Am Not Related To Them,
They All Were Humans And I Am Human Too.

Though The Scene Is Cleared And Cleaned For Everyday Use,
I Still Remember The Blood And Screams Of Those Who Took The Same Route Last Time Today.

Even I Don’t Know Their Places And Names,
I Know There Faces And Smiles.

And If There Is A Reason For Living And A Reason For To Take The Same Route Everyday,
For What Reason They Are No More Today, While Taking The Same Route Today?

I Don’t Wish To Know Their Reason For Living,
Since I Guess They Were Living For The Same Reason I Am Living For.

The Reason For The Loss On The Same Route Might Be A Mystery,
And On The Same Route Life Of Those Is Now History.

If There Exist A Reason For – To Live For,
There Must Be A Reason For – To Die For.

If Living For A Reason Is Worth For,
Then Is Ending For No Reason Worth For?

I Don’t Wish To Start Commenting Session/Debate On,
I Wish To Find Out A Reason Worth Ending For?

If You Know It – Share It For Better,
If You Don’t Know It – Let’s Find Out Together.

On The Same Route, We Take Everyday,
For The Same Reason – To Live Everyday.

Not The Sun Goes Down Like This Everyday,
Not The Moon Shines Like This Everyday.

I Know Nothing Is Similar And Can Not Be Stopped For Any Reason.
Yet Loss Is The Much Big Reason To Make One Stop For.

As Loss For No Reason Is The Reason More Pain For.
Yes I Am Praying For The Peace To The Souls Suffers From.

This Attempt Is Not Useful For Those, Since They Have Already Gone,
Yet It Might Help Those Who Will Take The Same Route Everyday As I Am.

For All Who Loss Themselves For No Reason.
For All Those Who Starts For On The Same Route Everyday,
And Loss Themselves To The Worst And Last Ending,
On The Same Route One Day.

Struck By The Loss, On The Same Everyday Route!

Many Times I wish..

Rose – Red N Scenting!


Sometimes I Wish To Be,
A Star In The Sky;
Fixed And Watching,
Only You From The Sky.

Sometimes I Wish To Be,
A River By Your Castle;
Flowing And Singing,
Only For You As Passing By.

Sometimes I Wish To Be,
A Rose From The Yard;
Red And Scenting,
Only For You As You Put On.

Sometimes I Wish To Be,
A Mountain By Your Land;
High And Green,
Only For You As You Walk Along.

Sometimes I Wish To Be,
Air Moving By Your Side;
Cool And Refreshing,
Only For You As You Carry On.

Sometimes I Wish To Be,
Energy All You Have;
Active And Forcing,
Only For You As You Live On.


What Do You Think About, Even For Once?
Do You Really Think About One, Any Time?