We Are.. Once Again!


And We Are On The Same Lane – Once Again,
Even Everything Has Changed – Moved Ahead.

And We Have Changed Too – New Designation,
Yet We Recall Our Past – Old Friends.

And Life Has Changed Too – New Purpose,
Yet Basic Remain The Same – Primary Principles.

Though We Interact With Many – All Over,
Yet We Are Same Introvert – Never Speaking No One.

Though We Read Many Words – Published Posts,
Yet We Don’t Comment – What We Felt.

Though We Share – What We Found,
Yet We Don’t Utter – What We Expect.

And We Are On Same Lane – Once Again,
And Love Is Waiting – Long There.

We Continue Exploring – Interpreting N Penning,
Without Expressing – Essential N Vital.

Are We Really Working On Our Dreams?


Looking For…

One Is Looking For Soul Mate, Not Simply Love Mate.
If One Think The Same Way, Let’s Continue.
If One Think One Is, Let’s Go The Same Way.

One Is Looking For Spiritual Bonding, Not Some Social Bonding.
If One Believes In The Same Bonding, Let’s Be Together.
If One Is Ready For Bonding, Let’s Work Together.

One Is Looking For Future Life, Not Only Present Love.
If One Is Dreaming For, Let’s Fix For Forever.
If Yes, Let’s String Each Other.


What One Is Looking For?

Having N Changing

White N Pink Star

And Yet One Have Picture Of One And Colors Are Changing,
Like All Blooming Flowers – From Light Pink To Dark Red.

And Yet One Have Memories Of One And Dreams Are Changing,
Like All Flowing Watercourses – From Small Streams To Great Rivers.

And Yet One Have Scent Of One And Flavors Are Changing,
Like The Cycle Of Seasons – Spring Summer Autumn Winter.

And Yet One Have Love Of One And Life Is Changing,
Like The Cycle Of Living Beings – Kid Youth Adult Old.

And One Have Many Things And Everything Is Changing,
Live With What One Have – Live With What Is Changing.

Do One Live This Way?

Doer is First



“Remember nothing was ever achieved without Hard Work. Be bold but be not bowled over. Let Truth and Duty be your watchwords. Never despair in the face of set backs. Keep courage and continue to work with fortitude. Have faith in yourselves and in the Almighty. Strive for your Goals and the future is yours.”

The message describes the essential qualities to be developed by ‘Doer’ for success. For success ‘Doer’ is first and ‘Divine Providence’ is the fifth as expressed in Bhagvad Gita. Chapter 18. Verse 14.

Appealing message in line with karmayog from Shrimad Bhagvad Gita by Padma Bhushan Karamshibhai Jethabhai Somaiya.

Everyday I Live


Everyday There Are Many Flowers – I Click,
Yet Those Blooming Flowers – Not Beautiful As You.

Every Dawn The Colorful Clouds – I Watch,
Yet Those Colors – Not Cheerful As You.

Every Where Smiling Faces – I See,
Yet Those Smiles – Not Sweet As Yours.

Everyday There Are Many – I Commute With,
Yet Those Everyday Faces – Seems So Distance.

Each Day Even Though – You Are At Distance,
For Me Your Presence – Seems So Close.

Every Night I Go To Bed – Wishing You Good Night,
Yet I Can Not Sleep – Imagination Is High.

Everyday I Start A Day – Greeting You Wonderful Day,
And My Day Is Superb – A Confident Start.

Everyday I Wish To Be – With You There,
Yet I Am Happy – You Are In My Heart Forever.

This Is How I Live – Everyday With You.


Are You Living The Same Way?
Everyday I Live – Thinking About You.

Perfect Stranger

Just Like

You Are A Perfect Stranger To Trust For!

I Know Nothing Much – Only Your Name,
I Have No Memories – Only Picture Of You.

I Don’t Know Your Heart – Only Few Of Your Thoughts,
I Don’t Know Your Soul – Only Little About Your Concerns.

I Believe In Your Words – Though You Express Them Merely,
I Believe In Your Actions – Though You Perform Them Rarely.

I Don’t Know Your Wellness – Only Your Smiling Face,
I Don’t Know Your Place – Only Your Last Trace.

I Don’t Know Your Dream – Though Your Devotion,
I Don’t Know Your Expectations – Though Your Hopes.

I Don’t Know Your View – Only What You Dare For,
I Don’t Know Your Feelings – Only What You Care For.

I Don’t Know Your Prospect – Though Your Dedication,
I Don’t Know Your Beliefs – Though Your Determinations.

I Don’t Know What You Want – May Be What You Like,
I Don’t Know What Makes You Happy – May Be You Are Happy Always.

Whenever I Think Of You – I Feel I Know So Much About You,
I Simply Have To Trust You – Believe In You That You Are Trustworthy Too.

You Are Well Known Stranger – Who Need Not To Be Explored More,
For Trusting Is Better Than Loving – Only To Be Trusted More.

Whenever You Are Here – My Love Is Growing For You,
Whenever You Are Not Here – My Trust Is Growing For You.

Trust One’s Presence There And Love One’s Being Here.

Trust N Enjoy!

The White!

Moon Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Sees Moon Waning And Waxing, One Trusts Moon’s Presence And Enjoys Moon’s Appearance.

Sun Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Sees Sun Rising And Setting,
One Trusts Sun’s Presence And Enjoys Sun’s Appearance.

Love Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Sees Love Appearing And Receding,
One Trust’s Love’s Presence And Enjoys Love’s Appearance.

Life Is Always There For One,
Even Though One Lives Crying And Smiling,
One Trusts Life And Enjoys Life.

To Enjoy Life, Trust Life,
To Enjoy One, Trust One.

Are You Trusting And Enjoying?
If Not, Start Trusting,
And You Will Be Enjoying Too.