Soul Is For…

And I Reserved My Soul, Not For Any, Yet Who Will Be Mate For My Soul.
Soul Is For…, Love, Life, Heart, Soul, Living, One

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For You.. Always!

For You.. Always Make My Heart Happy – The Joy I Am Missing For,
For You.. Always Make My Soul Still – The Peace I Am Expecting For.
For You.. Always!, Love, Life, Word, Wishes, Dreams, One

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I Love – Since I Believe In You, And I Believe – You Believe In Me Too.
I Live – Since I Love You, And I Believe – You Love Me Too. Believe N Live, And You Will Start Loving Too.

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The Bridge

I Took The Bridge, Many Not Known About; I Followed The Bridge, From Human To Divine.
The Bridge, Crossover, Love, Life,

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When Someone…

When Someone Is Loving To Love One, One Feels Like Love Is First And Last – Above All.
When Someone…
Feels About #One,
One Feels About #Someone Too!
#Prose, #Poem, #Love, #Life

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