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A Precious Gift

Yellow On Greens

You Are A Precious Gift, Making Me Lift.
Though I Am Not Weakest, Yet You Are Strongest.

Achieving Goals Swift, With Your Drift.
Making Me Perfect, Taking Me Furtherest.

Thinking Out Smartest, Going On Spirited.
Doing Things Greatest, Living Life Simplest.

Smile Is Sweetest, Heart Is Honest.
Looks Is Prettiest, Soul Is Purest.

You Are A Precious Gift, Making Me Lift.
You Are Loveliest, I Am Luckiest.

I Am In Love, Since You Are Full Of Love.


Wishes About One’s Life!

So What One Wishes About One’s Life!

If One Thinks Life As A Dream, Wake Up Now!
If One Thinks Life As Not A Dream, Live Life Now!

If One Knows, What To Do With Life, Start Working On!
If One Knows, What Not To Do With Life, Write It Down!

If One Thinks Life Is An Opportunity, Grab It!
If One Thinks Life Is Not An Opportunity, Make It!

If One Thinks Life Is For One, Get One!
If One Thinks Life Is Not For One, Try Another One!

If One Thinks Life Is For Love, Love More!
If One Thinks Life Is Not For Love, Find Love!

If One Thinks Life As A Beautiful Gift,
What Will Be Return Gift?

One Loves Not Asking For

And We Are Waiting For, What We Are Asking For.

We Are Standing Here,
At Place Where We Are,
And We Are Waiting For,
What We Are Asking For?

And One Is Standing Too,
Somewhere Among Everyone,
Watching Everyone Waiting,
What They Are Asking For?

And What One Is Asking For?
Working On Why To Ask For,
What Exactly To Ask For,
One Really Needs To Ask For?

All Beautiful Is With One,
All Is Not Understood By One,
All Is Not Explored By One,
One Really Needs To Asks For More?

One Don’t Needs To Ask For,
Since It Is Customary To Ask For,
Since It Is Taught For,
Since Everyone Is Asking For.

Will Asking More Brings More?
If Not Then One Will Keeps On Asking For,
If Yes Then One Will Continues Asking More For,
Will Asking For More Stops Somewhere?

Waiting Will Stops One Somewhere,
If Living Life Now And Here,
Is What One Looking For,
Do One Really Needs To Wait N Ask For?

What One Is Waiting N Asking For?
One Loves Not Asking For.


One Is

Three And Red
One Is Not A Word;
Yet One Can Write Many Words.

One Is Not A Song;
Yet One Can Sing Songs.

One Is Not A Thought;
Yet One Can Think A Lot.

One Is Not A Dream;
Yet One Can Dream About.

Yes, One Is Writing Many Words For One;
So One Will Read Them One Day.

Yes, One Is Singing Songs For One;
So One Will Hear Them Some Time.

Yes, One Is Thinking A Lot About One;
So One Will Think About One Too.

Yes, One Is Dreaming A Life With One;
So One Will Dream Of One Again.

One Is Love; And One Will Love More.
One Is Life; And One Will Live For.

One Is Here Since One Is There, Somewhere!


Opening To Love

The White Rose
The Sun Rises Everyday,
Since He Loves Everyone;
And Can Not Wait Spreading,
Love-Light For Each One.

The Moon Grows Full Every Month,
Since He Loves All Living Beings;
And Can Not Wait Shining,
Love-Moonbeams For Each Living Beings.

The Flowers Blooms Every Season,
Since They Love Everybody;
And Can Not Wait Blossoming,
Love-Fragrance For All.

One Who Loves,
Reach Out To Love;
One Can Not Wait,
Unfolding The Love.

O Goddess Of Love,
When Will You Bless Me?
As I Am Revering You So Much,
And Will Not Stop Praising You.



Opening Oneself To Love Is Blessing Other One With Love.

We Are.. Once Again!


And We Are On The Same Lane – Once Again,
Even Everything Has Changed – Moved Ahead.

And We Have Changed Too – New Designation,
Yet We Recall Our Past – Old Friends.

And Life Has Changed Too – New Purpose,
Yet Basic Remain The Same – Primary Principles.

Though We Interact With Many – All Over,
Yet We Are Same Introvert – Never Speaking No One.

Though We Read Many Words – Published Posts,
Yet We Don’t Comment – What We Felt.

Though We Share – What We Found,
Yet We Don’t Utter – What We Expect.

And We Are On Same Lane – Once Again,
And Love Is Waiting – Long There.

We Continue Exploring – Interpreting N Penning,
Without Expressing – Essential N Vital.

Are We Really Working On Our Dreams?

Looking For…

One Is Looking For Soul Mate, Not Simply Love Mate.
If One Think The Same Way, Let’s Continue.
If One Think One Is, Let’s Go The Same Way.

One Is Looking For Spiritual Bonding, Not Some Social Bonding.
If One Believes In The Same Bonding, Let’s Be Together.
If One Is Ready For Bonding, Let’s Work Together.

One Is Looking For Future Life, Not Only Present Love.
If One Is Dreaming For, Let’s Fix For Forever.
If Yes, Let’s String Each Other.


What One Is Looking For?