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Going Out And Asking For Energy,
Will Makes One Deprived Of Energy.
Stirring Within And Cerebrating One,
Will Makes One Source Of Energy.

Going Out And Exploring Life,
Will Makes One See Ups And Downs.
Dig Within And Taste The Life,
Will Makes One Find Soothing Life.

Going Out And Searching For One,
Will Makes One See Many One.
Contemplate Within And Reach For One,
Will Find One As Part Of One.

Going Out And Looking For Love,
Will Makes One See Others Love.
Dive Within And Feel The Love,
Will Makes One Filled With Love.



Japanese Philosophy by Nishida Kitaro

Nishida Kitaro
May 19, 1870 – June 7, 1945
A prominent Japanese philosopher.

Logic of Basho

According to Nishida’s vision as well as to the essence of Asian wisdom, one craves harmony in experience, for unity.




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